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Monday, September 19, 2005  

Reno Area Pagans Not So Proud After All?

It would appear that many of the Pagans at "Pagan Pride Day" are not actually proud enough to let their pictures be taken at the public community gathering. Designed supposedly just to publicly express their pride in their Pagan beliefs, it would more appear to be a closed dress rehearsal of the Paranoid Capitalist Sect of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

While visiting the festivities of the so-called "Pagan Pride Day" at Deer Park in Sparks, Nevada, on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 18, 2005, I had the opportunity to attempt to capture the gala event on film. But this is the only picture I am going to publish. I had some good ones of the Assatru crew, and Laurel and the drum circle, and the whole show, but someone took it upon themselves to try and instruct me on pagan ettiquite. I suppose you were afraid I was going to steal your souls.

I truly hope you don't wonder why I don't show up at any of your affairs, even when personally invited like this time. Because you always treat me absolutely horribly, in an antagonistic manner. I had a better conversation with the drunks with the fourties and the Christians from Utah cruising to check out the freaks than with any of my so-called Pagan brothers in the park that day.

Take a tip from St. Jerome- if you are going to put it out on the corner, there will be tapes, and videos, and photos, and you better be ready to sign them. Otherwise, stay out of the public park on a Sunday afternoon.

posted by the Editor | 6:02 PM
Kool picture
pagan's my ass, they're millenium earth muffins Rev. RT
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