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Sunday, February 12, 2006  

Jefferson Family Reunion Plays One Freaking West Coast Show

I am of an ambiguous state of mind at the present moment.

One the one hand, I am completely elated! Another chapter in an ongoing thread of my personal psychedelic saga is unfolding at this very moment! It is a more than 30 year long, intricately involved story as to just how much these people have influenced major life changing decisions in my past simply with some of their songs.

Finally, after many years, I am going to be able to see Paul Kantner and Marty Balin perform again. It's been several years since any of the REAL Starship (sorry, Mickey, but I gotta testify) has graced us here in the Biggest Little Shithole with their exalted presence.

When I got the Ticketmaster alert that Jefferson Starship and the Jefferson Airplane Family Galactic Reunion tickets at Cache Creek Indian Casino in Brooks, CA, went on sale this last Friday, you know I was on it. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the finances together to get the third row tickets I first drew, so by the time I got the plastic together six hours later, I ended up with tix in like the eighth row. But, yatahe, I'm there!

I live in Reno, Nevada, and although I have heard about all the San Francisco shows, such as the Chetfest and the PERRO show at Bay Meadows, I always hear about these shows about an hour before they are about to start, and the four hour drive shoots down the strongly recurrent instant impulse to drop everything and head down to the City, toot sweet. But always there's that disappointing realization that I would get there about just in time for the encore.

The last time I saw the Jefferson Starship was when they played the KOZZ listener appreciation show with America and BTO in the Atlantis Casino parking lot. It was during the Boho weeks in the first of July, so you know it was hot as hell out there on that brand new asphalt, but we all hung through the whole smokin' set about twenty feet from the stage.

The previous show I was at, my friend Jim White, who is an old friend of Prarie Prince's, was kind enough to think of me and snuck me backstage under his shirttails, as it were. That was a very interesting little party, it was back right before I quit drnking, and we were doing shots of Sauza with Marty Balin's mom and dad. We ended up drinking that whole bottle, and I vaguely remember smoking something with that guy who wrote the Andy Kaufman book (what was his name? I suck with names) upstairs in Slick Aguilar's room after the show. I woke up shivering in the cab of my pickup in the Peppermill parking lot at 4 AM.

After I had feverishly sooped up the best pair of tickets I could off the internet Friday night, I began checking out the the entire tour schedule, and discovered some interesting, if personally distressing, information.

The band is playing several cities under several different allias' (allii?) such as The Jefferson Airplane in Indiana. The venues are all smaller clubs and casinos, as opposed to stadium venues of the past. Places this time like the Blues Club in Chicago, and a multi-show, two day run at Niagara Falls, of all places.

The most interesting info, from my newfound perspective as a rabid collector, was the show that they will be playing with Country Joe McDonald next Saturday night in the Poconos. For just sixty bucks, you can pick up a VIP ticket that includes a meet and greet with all the performers at the sound check before the show, and a burned CD of the show afterwards. The very thought has me drooling on my keyboard. I could keep them all busy for a while signing some of the stuff I have collected over the years just for that purpose. This is just my kind of happening.

I have the $60 for VIP the ticket. Now just how the hell am I going to get the thousand or so more that it is going to take for the air fare from Nevada to Pennsylvania, and the pleasantries of life once back east. Oh, bugger it all, as Aleister Crowley would say...

If there is a magician in me, I hope this can motivate him into manifestation.

And, hey, while we're on the subject, how come no VIP ticket deal for us here on the WEST COAST, boys? You throw us down one big show here for the home team out of the whole tour, and we don't even get to look you in the eyes and have some potato salad with ya'll at the family reunion? What's up, you don't like the Cali crowd much, or what?

But then again, I guess thats why I don't live in Sonoma County any more, and in fact live in another state, and me a third generation Californian. Cuz for the most part, Cali folks are all effed up. I guess if I was you guys, I wouldn't want to meet all those maniacs, either.


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