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Sunday, September 02, 2007  

Summer of Love 40th Anniversary
Dickie Peterson Closes the Show???

So, I didn't go. I just watched it on the internet.

I am actually glad now that I didn't go down to San Francisco this weekend for the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love free concert. After watching Dickie Peterson close the show like that on the internet, I am again reminded of the true evolution between then and now. I must state that his closing performance was the most important act of the show to me personally.

I hope you all don't believe for a moment that his performance was lost on anyone who is truly in the know- " I feel like we're all one big Family" says Dickie, resplendant in his black and white shirt and biker shades, obviously spun. Once again, an opportunity seized to grafitti the family crest on the end credits.

But, all in all, one of the best shows I have ever seen. I could not have dreamt a more impressive lineup could have actually been assembled at this time. The sound was fantastic, everything I would have hoped to hear. And right there in my home, complements of questionable past associates, who most obviously still hold sway from the their bowered courts. Thanks for a great production, as usual.

The Dickie part was a stroke of genius. I hold it humorous that out of all of the thousands at the show, and all of the masses on the internet besides, I alone may have been one of the few who actually got the full punch line. Did you do that on purpose, just for me, the way you used to?

I loved all of the mentions of the roots of it all being in the Comstock at the Red Dog Saloon. As I look out my front window and up the Geiger grade towards Virginia City this evening, I am pleased to be here in the Truckee Meadows instead of on some freeway in California heading against the sunset, trying to make it home before midnight.

I really don't think I wanted to be one of those masses anyway, did I , ever?

So, I must really, sincerely, thank you for allowing me to witness the show from the comfort of my home. And obviously, from the signature on the closing credits, we must give propers where propers are due. So while I have your attention there is just one thing I gotta say: Dickie, you are still ugly as sin, God Luv Ya, and I hope the rest of the family is still looking as ugly as you.

posted by the Editor | 6:29 PM
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